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PP Adhesive Door Aluminium Strips For Weather Strips

PP Adhesive Door Aluminium Strips For Weather Strips Special Advantages

1. PP is easy to be formed thus it can be shaped into almost any forms, which is suitable for the package of cars.

2. Our new PP rubber seal strip bonding automotive weather stripping adhesive coated strip can provide good protection for automobile windows or other parts of car. The aluminum strip has a good sealing ability, thus this strip can help the car window to be closed sealed.

3. Aluminum is thin and light. Today car industry focuses more on reducing weight of the whole car, thus aluminum which is a light material will be more beneficial to car producers.


PP Material

PP materials have many good characteristics. As a type of material which is applied widely in packaging industry, PP material has good mechanical strength. PP materials also have high chemical resistance and high heating resistance.


Two-coat Paint Systems

The two-coat paint system generally refers to a primer and a topcoat on the same side of the strip. The pretreatment also know as “conversion coat”, is not consisdered a coating and is applied in addition to the primer and topcoat. Therefore, a two coat system generally consists of the pretreatment, a primer and the topcoat.


Primers are formulated to offer superior adhesion between the aluminum substrate and the topcoat which can be called a bonding agent to bond a vast range of elastomers to metals and plastics during the moulding process.


Aluminium strip is widely used for the lining of the automotive seal strips. To bond with different plastics ans rubbers(PP, PE, PVC, EPDM, TPE, TPU etc), relevant coated aluminium strips is necessary.

The slitting line of PP rubber seal strip bonding automotive weather stripping adhesive coated strip  

Designed for slitting of narrow and thin coils in soft conditions, ensures:

No sticky winding and no staining;

Less manipulation after slitting, less risk for damage and contamination;

Uniform tension throughout the whole coil via most accurate control systems;

Consistent slit edge quality due to accurate tooling: very low burr and edge deformation results in stable behaviour during the process.


Chemical degrease line of PP rubber seal strip bonding automotive weather stripping adhesive coated strip 

Our material for multi-layer pipes has a special chemical degreased surface for excellent adhesion between aluminium and polyethylene

It is proven by peeling tests on different types of pipes that the adhesion with chemically degreased aluminium is much better than with only thermally degreased aluminium.



Packing details:

l Normally, for aluminium strip, 20MT can be loaded into 20 foot container,we suggest to use 20 foot container, the sea freight rate is much cheaper than 40 foot container.

l the packing is very strong, which has 3 lays, thick fiber, foam, plastic,enough drying agent, suitable for long distance sea transportation.

l We use wooden pallet and steel pallet according to customer request;

l Wooden boxes will be used in the outside packing.

l We have fixing in the container to avoid any damage during the transportation.

PP Adhesive Door Aluminium Strips For Weather Strips

Aluminum Alloy



H22, 24, 26, 28

Surface Treatment

Roll coating








Coating Thickness



150mm, 300mm, 400mm (aluminium or paper core)



Tensile strength

220-270 mpa

Yield strength

< 130 N/mm2




Automobile window, door seal strip


Wooden pallet suitable for long distance sea transportation  

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