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Use Scenarios of Antistatic Aluminum Foil Bags

Nov. 03, 2020

Aluminum foil bag is a kind of packaging material widely used by everyone, which can meet the different needs of different products for packaging, such as high barrier, light-proof, high-temperature resistance, etc., but some products are very sensitive to static electricity, so outer packaging bag is an antistatic aluminum foil bag.

What material is generally used for anti-static aluminum foil bags?

The material used in the anti-static aluminum foil bag is the material used in the aluminum foil bag, which can be three layers or four layers. Because of its special anti-static function, when selecting the material, a special anti-static inner layer material will be selected or coated A layer of anti-static fluid.

The electrostatic voltage of the antistatic aluminum foil bag is the difference between the electrostatic potential of a certain point on the surface of a charged body and a specified reference point (usually "ground"). Since the ground potential is usually taken as zero, the electrostatic potential value on the surface of the charged body represents the voltage level there. Since the potential is a physical quantity proportional to the charge, the level of the potential relatively reflects the degree of charge of the object, and the measurement of the potential (voltage) can be used to understand the magnitude of the charge. Moreover, because the electrostatic voltage test is easier to implement than other electrostatic parameter tests.

Aluminum Foil

Generally, the contents of the antistatic aluminum foil bag are electronic products or powder products that are side-effects of electrostatic products. This special product is very sensitive to the surrounding static electricity and is prone to electrostatic ignition and explosion accidents, which may cause quite bad The consequences of this cause losses to products and enterprises.

The advantages of special anti-static packaging bags can be summarized as follows:

1. Shielding function. Anti-static bag, also called anti-static shielding bag, can play a good shielding function, can protect its interior from electrostatic discharge interference, or minimize electrostatic interference.

2. Anti-static function. When objects collide, electrostatic spark discharge attacks are easy to occur, especially for electronic products. The catastrophe caused by static sparks is also very large. Antistatic aluminum foil bags can effectively prevent this situation.

3. In daily production, a typical shielding bag consists of the following parts, which are polyester and polyester materials deposited on aluminum and polyethylene.

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