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Tinfoil or Aluminum Foil for the Oven?

Oct. 30, 2020

When the oven is baking food, the need to pad a paper commonly to prevent pollution oven, especially the food of meat gives oil easily. Tinfoil or aluminum foil for the oven? What's the difference between aluminum foil and tin foil?

What they call tin foil is aluminum foil, not tin at all. "Tinfoil" is just a Hong Kong term for aluminum foil. Moreover, aluminum has a melting point of 660 degrees, well above the temperature of most domestic ovens, and does not melt in use.

Tin has a melting point of 232 degrees, and many ovens can reach over 250 degrees, and if you're using tin, it melts.

The main difference is that aluminum foil has a higher melting point than tin foil, making it more suitable for grilling.

Aluminum foil: it is made of metal aluminum or aluminum alloy processed by the rolling equipment, the thickness of less than 0.025mm is called aluminum foil, the thickness of less than 0.2mm is called the aluminum foil, A thickness of more than 0.2mm is called an aluminum plate.

The density of aluminum or aluminum foil is 2.70g/cm3. The melting point is 660 ℃. Boiling point 2327℃, the appearance of silver-white light metal, ductility, and malleability. An oxide film that prevents corrosion of metals can be formed in moist air.

Tinfoil: It is made of metal tin by the rolling equipment, with excellent ductility and malleability, so it is quite easy to be made into the tin with a thickness below 0.025mm. It can even be made by hand. The tin density is 5.75g/cm3, the melting point is 231.89℃, and the boiling point is 2260℃.

Aluminum Foil

Excellent ductility and ductility, good corrosion resistance, and low melting point. The appearance of silver-white microstrip blue metal. Tin is converted into the brittle tin when heated above 160℃. Chemical properties are relatively stable, and do not react with air at room temperature.

1. Prevent grease and help cleaning

After use, simply remove the aluminum foil to make cleaning easier. Similarly, can also be spread on the board to cut greasy food, so as not to touch the board with oil difficult to clean. Or before stir-frying, aluminum foil can be pasted on the metope in front of the gas stove, so as not to spray to the oil stains difficult to remove.

2. The wrapped ingredients are charred and roasted to enhance the flavor

Wrap ingredients in aluminum foil and grill them, such as creamed crabs, grilled clams, etc. to lock in the sweet flavor.

Aluminum foil general surface and fog surface. Fog surface is easier to absorb heat, so should be the fog surface toward the hot place, it will play an effect. Therefore, when barbecuing meat, wrapped in aluminum foil bright side of food, fog facing the charcoal fire, the meat is easy to roast cooked.

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