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Why Choose Aluminium Foil Tape?

Sep. 03, 2020

Combine the versatility of aluminium with the weather sealing ability of adhesive tape and you have an extremely versatile product - aluminium foil tape. Aluminium foil tapes are versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to construction.

With its resistance to moisture and chemicals, thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, heat and light reflectivity and weather resistance ...... it gives the tape a wide range of applications.

What exactly is aluminium foil tape?

Aluminium foil was first introduced in 1888 and commercial production began in the USA in 1913. Admired for its protective properties and its aesthetic appearance in containers and packaging, aluminium foil was used extensively in World War II for protective packaging, capacitors and insulation. Once the war was over, it became available for commercial use.

Aluminium foil tapes use a specially designed foil backing which helps to improve the tape's ductility, conductivity and robustness. Aluminium foil tape carriers include aluminium, aluminium with glass, lead, copper, copper with tin and steel.

This means that aluminium foil tape is the most widely used foil tape in construction.

Follow these steps to insulate and seal ducts with foil tape.

Check all ducts for holes and ensure that the joints between ducts and joints are tight. Seal all leaks/leaks with aluminium foil tape.

For information on how to measure the required insulation length, consult the insulation manufacturer's instructions so that the insulation fits well around each conduit and is not so tight that it compresses the conduit nor so loose that it is ineffective.

For an excellent fit, you can trim about 2 inches of insulation off the backing to create a folded edge that overlaps the end of the wrap and provides a smooth surface on which to place the tape.

Wrap the insulation around each pipe so that the back of the vapour barrier liner is facing outwards.

Both Sides Coated Aluminum Foil

Carefully seal each seam with foil tape.

Continue along the length of each duct, ensuring that each roll of insulation is securely taped to the adjacent strip of insulation.

As well as saving money and increasing the efficiency of the system, HVAC systems improve air quality when they work as designed. The ductwork of a house, once damaged, can act as a method of spreading particles such as dust, which can easily exacerbate breathing and allergy conditions.

In addition, we believe it is best to check your ductwork regularly, especially if 

An installer or maintenance person has worked in your loft. Simple mistakes can lead to damage to your ducts. Even an accidentally dropped tool can create a small hole, which can add up to significant energy loss. (A foil tape patch will save your day!)

If you are upgrading your air conditioning system and don't want to spend money on replacing the ductwork, an inspection and a little foil tape can go a long way to making a more reliable ductwork system, resulting in an optimally functioning and energy-efficient system. The most acclaimed HVAC installations are useless without adequately sealed ducts.

If you see unsubstantiated increases in your utility bills (which are not the result of increased supplier costs)

If a particular space or room seems difficult to heat or cool

Sealed and insulated ductwork goes a long way towards the economy, better climate control and a cleaner environment.

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