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Growth in the Aluminium Foil and Packaging Market

Oct. 14, 2019

The first pre-formed, fully foil food packaging container was introduced to the market in 1948. This has now grown into a complete line of moulded and air-moulded foil boxes, which are now sold in every supermarket. A period of phenomenal growth occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. TV dinners packaged in compartment trays began to reshape the food market. Today, packaging foils fall into three main categories: foils for domestic/institutional use, semi-rigid foil containers and flexible packaging. The use of foil in each of these categories has been growing steadily for decades.

Food preparation

Aluminium foil is a "double oven" and can be used in convection ovens and fan-assisted ovens. One common use of foil is to cover thinner poultry and meat to prevent overcooking, and the USDA also provides advice on limiting the use of foil in microwave ovens.


Foils in capacitors provide compact storage for electrical charges. If the surface of the foil is treated, the oxide coating acts as an insulator. Foil capacitors are commonly used in electrical equipment including televisions and computers.

Geochemical sampling

Geochemists use aluminium foil to protect rock samples. The aluminium foil provides a seal against organic solvents and does not contaminate the samples as they are transported from the field to the laboratory.

Art and decoration

Anodised aluminium foil forms an oxide layer on the surface of aluminium that can accept coloured dyes or metallic salts. With this technique, aluminium is used to create inexpensive, brightly coloured foils.

Aluminium Strip


Aluminium foil has a reflectivity of 88% and is widely used for insulation, heat exchange and cable linings. Building insulation supported by aluminium strip not only reflects heat, but aluminium panels also provide a protective vapour barrier.

Features of Both Sides Coated With PP Aluminium Strip

1. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer helps STABI PP-R pipes largely reducing the linear expansion coefficient which is only 1/5 of the common PP-R pipes.

2. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer enables STABI PP-R pipes for exposed installation without deformation.

3. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer outstandingly increases the high temperature and pressure resistance of the STABI PP-R pipes.

4. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer provides strong performance in resisting UV and scratch, without oxygen permeation and light transmittance, thus restraining algae growth.



Increasingly, aluminium foil is being fused with a flexible film to create lightweight packaging. This technology allows the packaging to expand during the production process and then shrink when the product is consumed. The packaging of pet food, tuna, coffee and soups alone has generated 13 billion packages that could replace foil-based flexible packaging.

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