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Advantages of Aluminum Foil Bags

Apr. 11, 2019

Aluminum ecological packaging has high formability, is easy to customize, and has little impact on the environment. This is the main reason for choosing aluminum foil packaging. Aluminum is extracted from bauxite and it is 100% recyclable. This kind of packaging can be melted and recycled many times without changing its natural properties. This metal can work at high and low temperatures to shape it and create a customized ecological packaging design.

Aluminum flexible packaging maintains the sensory properties of food and isolates the product from oxygen and other environmental phenomena that may change its chemical and physical properties. In this way, ecological packaging ensures the long-term shelf life of food, medicine, and cosmetics. In addition, the aluminum ecological packaging is light in weight, easy to carry, and corrosion-resistant because of the insulating function of the first layer surface.

Aluminum Foil Bag

Aluminum foil packaging bags can be divided into materials:

1.Three-layer aluminium foil bags

PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/PP, this three-layer composite material is more commonly used, but the application of material and content is only the first step in choosing aluminum foil packaging material because the content is different, The same three-layer material used in the composite process will also have all the differences, such as the content is ketchup, hot sauce, etc., which are more irritating, or foods that require high-temperature cooking and high-temperature sterilization, although they can also be used. The three-layer structure is adopted, but the production process and the choice of glue are quite different. Therefore, if you need it, you can consult the relevant personnel of Shenkai Packaging. We will recommend a suitable aluminum foil packaging bag for you based on experience.

2.Four-layer structure

PET/AL/PA/PE This four-layer composite material is compared to the composite layer with nylon. The advantage of the nylon packaging material is that it is soft and tough, and it is more suitable for packaging content. Edges or corners or products that require softness. 

3.Aluminum-plated structure

PET/VMPET/PE aluminum-plated aluminum foil bags are also called aluminum foil packaging bags, but in fact, this aluminum foil packaging bag material does not contain aluminum foil layer, and packaging with this material structure is also very common in our daily lives For the packaging of small foods such as potato chip packaging and biscuit packaging, aluminum-plated packaging bags have a great cost advantage over pure aluminum packaging bags. For some products that require less barrier performance and do not need to be over-packaged Speaking, it is also a very good choice.

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