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40-80-40 Polypropylene-coated Aluminum Strip

40-80-40 Polypropylene-coated Aluminum Strip

The Stabi PP-R pipes are manufactured from polypropylene random (PP-R) material and include a layer of both sides coated/laminated with polypropylene aluminum barrier. The aluminum layer is organically bond to the inner PP-R layer using thermal bonding technique under high temperature and pressure and then coated with a layer of PPR again.


Features of 40-80-40 Polypropylene-coated Aluminum Strip 

1. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer helps STABI PP-R pipes largely reducing the linear expansion coefficient which is only 1/5 of the common PP-R pipes. 

2. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer enables STABI PP-R pipes for exposed installation without deformation.

3. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer outstandingly increases the high temperature and pressure resistance of the STABI PP-R pipes.

4. The aluminum foil for stabi pipe reinforced with aluminum foil layer provides strong performance in resisting UV and scratch, without oxygen permeation and light transmittance, thus restraining algae growth.

Different models for 40-80-40 Polypropylene-coated Aluminum Strip 


1. 40-80-40


Polypropylene coating: 40 microns (0.04mm)

Aluminum thickness: 80 microns (0.08mm)



40-80-40 polypropylene-coated aluminum strip is the most popular and commonly used model for STABI PP-R pipes. "40" means 40 micron which is the thickness of the polyprolene glue applied on the surface of the aluminum foil. "80" means 80 micron aluminum foil base. King Plastic accepts also customized thickness on both coating and aluminum base. 

40-80-40 Polypropylene-coated Aluminum Strip  

Aluminum   Alloy

3003, 8011, 8006(New!)




Al Thickness


Coating Thickness

40/50 microns on one side or both sides

Total Thickness





150-152mm (aluminium or paper core)


600-800mm   according to customer needs

Hole Diammeter


Coating material:

polypropylene   copolymer (type ADMER QF551 from company Mitsui)

Coating Density:


Peel strength

>6 N/15mm

Tensile   strength

125 – 165 N/mm2




Stabi PPR pipe


Wooden pallet sutiable for long distance sea transportation 

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